About Us

The concept

The Clean Max club it’s the first exclusive group of accommodation businesses (hotels, hostels, B&B, apartments and other lodging facilities) that offers a higher level of hygiene (than usual) for all their guests. The focus of this exclusive club is offering their customers first and foremost CLEAN BEDS.
We must have in mind that the bed is the main selling product of the hospitality sector, and it’s the place the guests are spending most of the time during their stay. Providing the best and healthier sleeping environment is every accommodation business’s goal and responsibility.
That is why every member of the Clean Max Club is regularly using the professional mattress sanitization service by Clean Max.

About Clean Max Company

Clean Max Company is a worldwide cleaning franchise that is specialized in disinfecting and sanitizing mattresses and other surfaces in the room. Seeing how people spend more than 1/3 of their lives sleeping and how the bed can be a host of many harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens the Clean Max introduced a process which provides the best and necessary protection for a safe sleep. Clean Max has a highly trained and certified professional staff that guarantees that.

The Process

The professional mattress disinfection and sanitization process will guarantee a healthy and safe sleep environment in every room of our members. It is a 100% dry and chemical free ECO process that will ensure that the mattresses are protected from potentially harmful microorganisms and bed bugs, while they are clean and fresh and ready to help you have the best sleeping experience.
Every Clean Max Club member had their mattresses disinfected at least twice a year which is scientifically proven to be enough to keep the level of contamination in the beds bellow harmful range.
These are the 4 stages of the sanitization process:

1. Inspection - SAFETY

During this phase every room is inspected for any presence of insects, most of all bed bugs, and it has its hygiene status checked.

2. Dust removal - CLEAN

Clean Max has the most powerful vacuum machine with HEPA filter to make sure that all the filth debris is sucked and removed from the mattresses. This stage is focused on removing all the humans dead skin and hairs along with the dust and other remaining that can be in a hotel mattress.

3. UV-C Eliminating harmful bacteria viruses and pathogens - DISINFECTED

Using the first professional mattress disinfecting machines in the world, with the medical grade certificate, Clean Max process eliminates all the harmful living organisms and allergens that are common for the mattresses like dust mites, sponges, bacteria, viruses, and their fasces etc.

4. Odor removal - FRESH

Using chemical free solution with fast acting bacteria that breaks down and digests the source of the stain and odor within the mattress to produce superior results. Removes - human urine, pet urine, organic stains such as: blood, wine, coffee, sauce, making the bed you paid for the safest for the perfect sleep.

The members

The common denominator in the CMC is the awareness of the importance of hygiene quality and providing the utter best conditions for their main service, accommodating and healthy sleeping environment. That is why not only all of our members had their mattresses regularly disinfected but also they obliged of upholding a high hygiene standards to make sure their guests are protected while they are enjoying their stay.
One of the main activities a Clean Max member offers besides the clean and disinfected mattresses:

  • Guarantee that all the sheets are changed once a day
  • All the rooms are daily cleaned and ventilated with fresh air
  • The amenities are non-toxic and safe while they are with valid expiry date
  • Trained cleaning staff maintain the utmost level of personal hygiene too
  • High rate of positive hygiene reviews with follow up on the negative ones
  • Regular mattress and bed quality check with proper maintenance and replacement procedures

* Becoming a member of CMC group is very easy. All you have to do is to decide that your customers safety and satisfaction comes first!
Contact us to find out all the ways how you can become a CMC member today! (link)

The guest

All the CMC member’s guests are welcome to enjoy their stay and most of all their sleep in the clean and fresh environment, of their CMC hotel. Meanwhile if you feel we are making the world and the hospitality facilities a better place, help us expand in as much hotels all around the world and spread the word!
Leave us a positive review either on the reception on your check out or better yet on booking.com, tripadvisor.com or wherever you think it might help our cause: see you soon on another location. :)