Nursing home Sonce

About this property

Tel. +389 2 2733 199

+389 71 230 812

Nursing home Sonce St. Blagoja Gorjan 43 1000 skopje, R. Macedonia



On the slopes of Vodno with a wonderful panoramic view of Skopje in the immediate vicinity of the city center.

"Love begins at the places we call home / at home and it's not how much we work, but how much we invest in what we do "- Mother Teresa

Life expectancy is full of different challenges, which, unfortunately, sometimes do not encounter certain functional limitations and we need help or support, and almost always sharing. Most often loneliness and sorrow are accompanying elements of such conditions. Occasionally, our loved ones are unable to meet with everyday obligations or the necessary expertise. That does not mean that we are not loved by their side. But loneliness is something that can not be supported and something that does not make us passivize and alienate ourselves.

Our expert team is composed of various professional structures

- social workers
- psychologists
- physiotherapists
- nurses
- carriers
- a doctor
- psychiatrist

  • Location
    Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Cleaning mattress
    Every 6 month
  • Washing pillows
    Every 4 month
  • Change linens bedding
    Every week
  • Tablecloths changed
    Every 2-3 days
  • Changing towels
    Every day
  • Use chemicals
    Eco friendly