PHI Gerontology Institute 13 November - Skopje

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Tel. +389 2 20 31 238

PHI Gerontology Institute 13 November St. Boris Sarafov No. 129, 1000 Skopje



The Public Health Institution: Gerontology Institute "13 November" is located in Skopje, str.4 July no. 129, in municipality of Gjorche Petrov and one municipality of Bitola, str. Lavichanski pat bb. The Gerontology Institute is managing with four objects (Geriatric Department, The nursing home for the elderly "Mother Theresa" in Zlokukani and Sue Ryder - Hospices in Skopje and Bitola.
The Public Health Institution Gerontology Institute "13 November" is a hospital, that provides health care including geriatric and palliative medicine, and it is unique in Republic of Macedonia. One of the tasks is monitoring, studding, evaluating. Reporting and planning projections for potential healthcare needs and functional disabilities of the old people that are settled in the Institution or out of it.
The Institution performs Specialized-consulting health care protection that covers geriatric and palliative medicine, organized as a cabinets of internal, neuropsychiatry, physiotherapy and a cabinet for diagnostic and domiciliary care. 
Health care protection is effecting trough Geriatric (departments of intensive care, acute patients and chronically ill patients) and two hospices in Skopje and Bitola cover palliative care. Institution works on development of domiciliary care (outpatient) and development of Day hospital. Medical-gerontology education it is important and it is consist of continued development, primary in diagnostics, specifications in curing, rehabilitation and preventions of diseases in elderly years, and keeping functionality capabilities of the geriatric patient by encouraging being active elderly in self-care.

  • Location
    Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Cleaning mattress
    Every 6 month
  • Washing pillows
    Every 4 month
  • Change linens bedding
    Every week
  • Tablecloths changed
    Every 2-3 days
  • Changing towels
    Every day
  • Use chemicals
    Eco friendly